The Ultimate Word Count Tracker

There’s one thing that every good writer needs, and that’s not a laptop, a desk, a pen or even a notebook. It’s a robust spreadsheet file to help them track just how much they’ve been writing. So… that’s exactly what I’ve made: the Ultimate Word Count Tracker.

Click here to get started straight away (you’ll need to click File > Make A Copy to get an editable version), or read on for some of the many features:

Tracker: Overview tab, displaying word counts by project and month, and progress by project.
  • An Overview tab shows you all your relevant data at a glance – including Words written this month, Words vs Target by month, and progress with each of your Projects.
  • Estimate when you’ll hit each of your Project Targets, based on words written over the past 7 (or 14 or 30) days.
Tracker: Target tab, containing Word Count vs Target by month and Year.
  • Enter targets not just by month, but by year and by project too!
  • Check words vs target at a glance – for each month or vs the year as a whole!
Tracker: Word Count tab, supporting up to 10 projects, with a bonus column for Misc. work.
  • Easily track word counts for up to 10 projects (plus a column for Misc. words!)
  • Compare Daily totals to an automatically-updating Daily Target, based on your monthly goals.
Tracker: Prioritisation tab, aiding you in project management.
  • Use the prioritisation tab to see how quickly you can meet Project Targets by writing X number of words per day.
  • Or, use the second section to set a deadline, and have the file automatically tell you how many words you’d need to write on that Project per day!
Tracker: NaNoWriMo tab
  • Finally, use the NaNo tab to automatically feed your word count data into a NaNo-esque interface, where you can set any target you want! (Not just 50k!)

To get started with the Word Count Tracker, just click here, then click ‘File > Make A Copy’ to make a copy in your own Google Drive.

I hope you find this useful! If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch!

P.S. While this file is absolutely free (and always will be), if you do find it useful, please consider supporting me by purchasing one of my books. Thanks 🙂