Rey Morfin Writes

Rey Morfin Writes

Latest Series & Books by Rey Morfin

Discover all the latest Rey Morfin books below – all from the indie author behind ground-breaking space opera series A Galaxy, Alive.

A Galaxy, Alive

A Lonely World Where The People Are Blue

A Galaxy, Alive – Book 1

A small-town mystery… on a galactic scale.

Syl Raynor knows that PI work amongst the stars is just as dull as it is on Terra: missing persons, cheating spouses, and conspiracy theories. But when she’s given one last case to determine whether she’ll keep her job, Syl is catapulted into the middle of an intergalactic mystery with far-reaching consequences.

On the remote plane of Z’h’ar, Syl will have to learn to be a real investigator if she’s going to keep her job… and her life.

Meanwhile, the diary of her missing sister burns a hole in her pocket. Does Z’h’ar hold the key to decrypting it?

Other Books In The Series…

A Planet That Longs To Forget

A Galaxy, Alive – Book 2

A Fleet That Hunts An Endling

A Galaxy, Alive – Book 3

Smoke Without Fire

Life at the End of the Road

Smoke Without Fire – Book 1

There is a very real darkness that dwells deep in our souls – and some have learned to set it free.

When Laura Kamryn disappears on a trip back to her remote hometown, her distraught fiance Rey Morfin convinces Laura’s childhood friend Anna Tyndall to return to the small town of Redbury to help investigate. Using Anna’s knowledge of the local area, and more importantly, the people, Rey hopes to find Laura – alive.

But beneath the surface, a wickedness stirs. The residents allude to a rampant fire that scarred the town, a witch from whom the children flee, and monstrous shapes that lurk in the shadows.

Rey’s journey will take him to the darkest corners of the English countryside, encountering a mysterious root, afternoon tea, and beings that are perhaps human no more.

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